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Eternity Law International helps you to obtain business licenses in many jurisdictions.


The owners of companies and their managers are interested in developing their business and often seek opportunities in jurisdictions that impose lower administrative costs and difficulties and allow them to lead business on more favorable terms. Most companies choose jurisdictions that include at least such functions:

  • Supportive taxation system
  • Balanced political situation and loyal legislation
  • Clear business licensing regime
  • Friendly business situation
  • Favorable conditions for domicile


The countries of the Caribbean and states of Latin America are often suitable for the following activities available for international licensing:

  1. Bank license in Vanuatu
  2. Bank license in Labuan
  • Services for money transfer, Processing of payment procedures
  1. EMI license in Estonia
  2. EMI license in Great Britain
  3. EMI license in Latvia
  4. EMI license in Czech Republic
  1. Forex broker license in Cyprus
  2. Forex broker license in Bulgaria
  3. Forex broker license in Estonia
  4. Forex broker license in Australia
  5. Forex broker license in Czech Republic
  6. Forex broker license in Vanuatu
  7. Forex broker license in Hong Kong
  8. Forex broker license in Labuan
  • Gaming license
  1. Gaming license in Estonia
  2. Gaming license in Cyprus
  3. Gaming license in Curacao
  4. Online gaming license in Malta
  5. Gaming license in Romania
  6. Gaming license in UK
  7. Gaming license in Gibraltar
  8. Online gaming license in Costa Rica
  9. Gaming license in Isle in Man
  10. Betting license in Cyprus
  • ICO License
  1. ICO License on Gibraltar
  2. License for the exchange of cryptocurrency in Estonia
  3. License for crypto exchangers in Labuan
  4. License for crypto exchanger in Singapore
  5. Registration of cryptoexchange in the Czech Republic
  6. Cryptocurrency license un Singapore
  7. ICO License in Switzerland

Companies that provide payment systems, crypto-currencies, forex services, financial services and gambling services can benefit from obtaining a license and setting up an enterprise that meets the requirements of a certain class of license in the Caribbeans or countries of Latin America.

Licenses on sale


Please, contact us to learn more about licensing options, to receive an individual offer based on your requirements and detailed calculation to obtain a license for your future or existing business. To get an online consultation, please fill in a form at the bottom of the page, and our specialist will answer you online on the issue that interests you.