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Registration of the company in Ukraine

Registration of the company in Ukraine

Registration of the company in Ukraine

Registration of the company in Ukraine. The desire to build a business from scratch exists in the minds of many people. But sometimes your own idea is not enough. Many stop immediately at the first stage, not wanting to face the problems of company registration. Eternity Law International will help you register a company in Ukraine.

We have already prepared a package of documents and will complete all the procedures for registering a business in Ukraine.

Our experts will give recommendations on the following issues:

  1. activities;
  2. rights and obligations of the government;
  3. organizational;
  4. tax system.

To register a company, it is necessary to choose the form of ownership, and then determine the type of activity for the NACE (as well as study the rules of the tax system according to type) enterprises.

To switch to a simplified system – “Single tax”. Eternity Law International’s experts will help you sort out these issues by providing official sources of information.


Creating a company in Ukraine takes a lot of time and energy. All procedures are controlled by all necessary procedures in the Law of Ukraine. The procedure for registration in tax installations and regulatory legal acts.

The founder must be provided with a power of attorney for the establishment of an enterprise in Ukraine, drawn up by a notary public. The process of company registration includes verification of documents, entering data on a legal entity, registration, issuance of an extract from it.

Documents for registration company

To register a company, you need to know the whole list of documents:

  1. Application form (contains personal data of a legal entity);
  2. Decisions of the founders (or their authorized body);
  3. The original charter of the enterprise;
  4. Confirmation of payment of the fee;
  5. A document confirming the ownership of the founders – legal entities.

We present a list of key documents that are subject to change. For example, when registering a Joint Stock Company, it is necessary to have additional items in the list – confirmation of contributions to the authorized capital.

Eternity Law International is result oriented. Given all the nuances of registration, we guarantee fast and quality service in any region of Ukraine. The employees of our company are specialists in jurisprudence.

Samples and all necessary documents, in accordance with applicable law.