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Opening a bank account

Opening bank account


The reliability of the bank is a guarantee of augmentation and safekeeping of funds when opening an account, and in the case of a loan – obtaining advantageous conditions with a minimum percentage. What criteria for choosing a place to store money are acceptable for you – credibility, simplicity or quality of service?

What is your goal, opening an account – trading, accumulative or corporate?

In the case of opening an offshore company, you can also make a bank account in the same jurisdiction. This is not necessarily, you can open an account for an offshore company in any jurisdiction that accepts such companies. The procedure for opening an account in offshore jurisdictions is usually simpler than, for example, in European ones.

In most offshore jurisdictions there is no need to submit a report on the activities of the company and, accordingly, the payment of taxes in these jurisdictions, which causes the popularity of foreign offshore companies.

Considering the situation from the perspective of international law, the client draws up its activities, observing the laws of the country of registration and being a separate entity. According to the latest data, more than 50 countries in the world have tax breaks for offshore companies.

Such banks provide an opportunity to receive an account without personal presence (remotely).


When choosing a bank, you should be guided by the following recommendations:
– the adequacy of the bank’s own capital, which is able to maintain its stable position in the event of economic difficulties;
– high position in the rating, testifying to the high reputation of the institution;
– a decent level of service, assuming the presence of specialists who speak different languages, for consulting clients of different countries;
– safety of information (confidential storage of client data);
– registration procedure (remotely or subject to a personal visit).


Working closely with more than a hundred foreign banks, Eternity Law International has the right to certify documents and beneficiaries of companies. Thus, there is no need to go to the bank to open an account.

One meeting with a representative of our company is enough to complete a quick clearance procedure. Alas, this practice is not available in all banking institutions.

When opening an account without legal assistance, the process may take several months. The use of legal aid will significantly speed up the process.


Opening an account in an offshore bank entitles you to transfer funds easily and without problems to most countries, with the exception of sanctions. Cooperation with Eternity Law International provides an opportunity to open accounts in a number of island states, more details can be found here.


Banks of Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus occupy a leading position in the availability and ease of use of services. Their undoubted advantage is the Russian language support service.

At registration of the account, the manager who is fluent in Russian is assigned to the client. If necessary, he can assist in the movement of capital or in case of difficulties with the account.

Eternity Law International cooperates with all European jurisdictions.


People who use leverage often had to be refused billing. If the company does not have a brokerage license, then the bank’s failure rate reaches almost 100%.

Eternity Law International provides an opportunity to open accounts for legal entities for activities:

– Forex brokers;
– binary options;
– gambling;
– cryptocurrency exchange;
– crypto exchangers;
– ico.

Moreover, having long-term cooperation with European banks, we can recommend clients to open accounts with them.

Some countries prohibit credit institutions from transferring funds from the state in favor of gambling operators who work with violations of the law. In other words, the law of such countries prohibits banks from cooperating with gambling and gambling companies, but allows them to exist.

We propose to place such companies with their funds in European banks without risks and violations of the law.

Experts are ready to advise you on any issues of working with accounts.


In cooperation with Eternity Law International, you can open an account in banks in more than 100 countries.

According to the world bank reliability rating, the leading positions are taken by the banks of Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. The stability of the institutions’ own capital and a high level of service make these institutions popular and most in demand in the world.

In contrast to the Baltic states, the institutions of the above countries are much more demanding about compliance with formalities. For example, in the branches of banks in England, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, an account is opened only upon a personal meeting with business owners.

Moreover, employees can come to the client to the meeting individually, at a convenient place for him. Representatives of private banks advise potential clients in their native language.

Most of the world’s capital is stored in the prestigious banks of the above countries. Not surprisingly, they have more to open investment or savings accounts in their offices.

If you have any questions or needs in consultation with our specialists, please call the company at the specified numbers, or send a request to our website.