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Limitation of liability


The specialists of our company are constantly working on studying the legislative bases of different countries, as well as on what changes are taking place in these jurisdictions. This is necessary to ensure that the information provided on the site is accurate, contains all legal and legal changes in force. 

Providing legal advice using information from the site can not be considered professional. Using the company’s website or affiliated sites, each client confirms that:

– all copies of documents, other materials published on the site, are exhibited for review and study of information;
– published materials should not be used to violate the law of any state, to organize illegal activities or to evade taxes;
– the management of the company disclaims responsibility for errors that may occur on affiliated sites, and the legal entity itself is not responsible for the use of information by others and for the consequences arising from decisions taken by that person;
– all the information provided can be used by another person only under his personal responsibility. The company does not bear any guarantees for the consequences of using materials;
– for any damage (direct, indirect, consequent, etc.) caused by the use of materials on the site, the company is not liable.

Responsibility for the use of information provided on the site, documents lies solely on the person who used these data. Eternity Law International is not liable for any consequences that may arise from such actions, including damage to reputation, property damage, lost profits, damage from use, any other tangible and intangible losses arising for the following reasons:

– changing the terms and conditions of the agreement;
– statements and behavior of entities that directly or indirectly relate to the company;
– impossibility to use, use, not use the services provided on behalf of the company;
– unauthorized access to the personal data transferred to the company, change of information stored on our server.

All disputes that relate to the services provided by the company and provided by another person can not be considered legal advice.