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IP Law

IP Law

IP Law

IP Law. Good income in modern business (especially IT) is guaranteed if various copyright and intellectual property products are used. However, they face an important and important task – to protect logos, slogans, trademarks from plagiarism or exploitation (without changes) by other persons.

Copyright for the IT sphere – the provisions on which the contract for creating software is based, as well as the registration of the right to own the development of the company. When a businessman or his authorized person receives a patent, he registers copyright.

The main evidence of ownership will be a special protective document giving priority. Our company provides services for the registration of trademarks, slogans, logos, patents. We help to issue clients copyright and intellectual rights to the created software.

We accompany projects from start to finish, provide advice on issues of interest. Our employees are true professionals in their field, so we guarantee the highest level of protection for your products.


A businessman must think through all actions two steps forward. This is especially true for the placement and storage of personal information – this is the key to successful business, regardless of direction.

GDPR is suitable for various types of online activities: online stores, instant messengers, portals, databases and other digital developments.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – a document created and adopted by member countries of the European Union. It contains regulations, requirements and rules for handling information. It must be executed not only by citizens of the Eurozone, but also by non-residents conducting trade, for example.


If a person violates at least one decision from the GDPR, then he will be held responsible. As a rule, a fine of EUR 20,000,000 is issued to him. There is an alternative option – a businessman pays 4% of his annual income (the decision depends on the size of the amount). As you can see, the business is strictly controlled. Therefore, it is necessary to put in order the documents and jurisdiction in a timely manner.

Our company offers assistance in optimizing all processes associated with the storage of personal data in accordance with the requirements of international law and GDPR. We will provide safe data entry, keep anonymity. We reduce the risks of obtaining sanctions.