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Investments. A person to whom the head of the company transfers management of affairs, maintaining investment accounts and fund management requires a license. This will protect the use of property. Here you can not do without the help of competent specialists.

Investments in the securities market are make in two ways – personally by the head of a foreign enterprise or its intermediaries. In the second case, the owner of the registered assets entrusts them to authorized people. They require licensing permits.

License – a necessary document, gives the right to asset management. As a rule, it is valid for the period agreed upon with the management. The holder must fulfill all the conditions prescribed in the act. To understand the mechanisms and get answers to your questions, you should contact the staff of our company.

Specialists will accompany your projects on the formation of Management Companies and Investment Managers. Provide services aimed at creating and licensing organizations, choose the optimal jurisdiction, and advice.


If you had an idea about opening a dealing center or an investing company, we recommend that you call us. Our employees have experience and qualifications. Competent, can give excellent recommendations.

Specialists will undertake the tasks of choosing and obtaining a Forex license. They take into account the wishes of customers, open a license in any country in the world where the customer has registered their companies.

However, before you start opening a document, you need to perform a couple of important steps:

  1. determine jurisdiction;
  2. register a company.

Then the client can go to the bank, and open an account.

The lawyers of our company are well versed in the issues of the structure of the Forex market, the schemes of its functioning within the CIS and the European Union. Specialists will provide advice and share key secrets.

We find an individual approach to each client. We develop plans taking into account the wishes and characteristics of the business. We take into account all technical aspects: legislation, budget, status.


When you decide to register a company, you should think about a broker. Leave a request, and we will provide the Turnkey Start Forex Broker package.

Forex License. Europe

A useful service for those who want to become a European broker, our team will help in this. We will show you the best jurisdiction, draw up an algorithm of actions.

If you become the owner of a document in one of the EU countries, you get great opportunities: the right to work in the entire EU, to undergo certification according to the agreement “On the market of financial instruments” concluded by the countries of the Eurozone.

We want our customers to be reputable partners, to conquer new markets. We provide a list of regulators for obtaining Forex licenses.

  1. CySec;
  2. IFSC;
  3. FSC
  4. GBOT;
  5. MFSA
  6. ASIC
  7. FSA

Our approach: we fully service all the companies at our disposal.

We select the best option for jurisdiction, check the reports and other documentation every month, calculate the tax burden, get a license with the right regulator, connect the merchant and IBAN accounts, think through and prescribe a policy for the Forex resource, provide assistance and connect trading floors.

You are already the proud owner of the document, but want to sell? Would you like to purchase a new license? Contact our staff through the info request.


Today, an investment fund is one of the most effective business tools. Its essence is the allocation of funds (individually or collectively) for financial and non-financial projects.

The list of assets includes:

  1. securities, bonds, stocks;
  2. real estate objects;
  3. corporate rights.

Today, many countries seek to create a favorable investment climate, attract investors for development and prosperity. Investors, in turn, have a difficult task – to choose a country with great prospects.

Specialists of our company will deal with all issues. The staff consists of competent employees with experience in creating and maintaining projects at the international level.

Our advantages:

  1. take into account all the technical aspects and features of the project;
  2. choose an acceptable and most suitable model of jurisdiction for registration;
  3. We provide advice on issues of interest;
  4. prepare documents for registration and obtaining a license;
  5. We meet with employees of competent authorities;
  6. We represent the interests of customers.

Crowdfunding Services

Crowdfunding is otherwise refer to as “public project financing”. He created an incredible effect. The phenomenon turned into a global trend, and start-ups became interested in this way of obtaining investments for the implementation of projects.

The service is in great demand, as funds are provide without the participation of banking institutions. Popular crowdfunding venues are Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Boomstarter.

Given the fact that today a huge number of projects for startups are being put forward, the idea of ​​creating your own platform is very attractive. There, the founder can earn good money – from three to five percent of the money raised.

But it should be noted that the foundation and functioning of such resources is regulated at the legislative level. If you got the idea of ​​development and launch, then you should find a highly qualified lawyer.

Contact our specialists, and we will provide assistance. We will develop a turnkey project, as well as provide a set of measures and recommendations for successful work.

Any idea brings benefits and profits when developers approach it comprehensively. We act sequentially, from the choice of jurisdiction to the receipt of a license, legal support. We are doing everything for a successful launch.