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USA-Based Oil&Gas Company For Sale

USA-Based Oil&Gas Company For Sale

USA-Based Oil&Gas Company For Sale

The company being offered for sale is engaged in the supply of services and products related to oil and gas. The company provides services for the protection of oil fields and the environment in the Permian Basin. The range of professional services of the company is quite wide. They offer services for well maintenance, for the production of hot oil products, for cleaning and abandoning commodity platforms, for pumping water, as well as services for field exploration and exploitation. The company has a large number of professional equipment of high quality, which helps to provide the appropriate services on time and in accordance with the conditions set.

Main characteristics

  • Excellent reputation for many years of doing business with integrity.
  • A capable group of chiefs with broad involvement with their field.
  • A group of deals experts with solid nearby and global partner relations.
  • Hundreds of MSAs, including a large portion of the significant oil organizations.
  • 200 expertly prepared representatives, genuinely committed to their work.
  • Diversification of services to meet the needs of any customer.

What opportunities open up for potential owners?

  • Strong interest for security administrations from neighborhood clients, rental, preparing and item deals with OSHA expanding.
  • Expanding the impact of natural administrations in New Mexico, just as an expansion in assembling space in Texas.
  • The Water Pumping Department has incredible potential for future advancement in both New Mexico and Texas. It is planned to add a 12-inch pumping line and the ability to pump field water.
  • Gain new opportunities by adding services to the mining and public sector.
  • Development of new directions of work in the department of exhaust devices, addition of production and production of plugs to meet the growing demand.

Head office address

Odessa, Texas

Markets of usa

The vast majority of the organization’s customers are oil and gas organizations in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico.

Land. USA

The organization owns one place of business, leases two different workplaces and a few plots of land.

Investor/proprietor targets

The proprietor is searching for a value cooperate with the desire for full exit in three or five years.

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