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Holding registration in Switzerland

Holding registration in Switzerland

Holding registration in Switzerland

Practice shows that such a solution as holding registration in Switzerland is quite popular among modern entrepreneurs, in a country with the most reliable financial institutions and the most accurate watches in the world.

We are talking about Switzerland, located in the center of Europe.

Its geographical location and loyalty to businessmen makes the registration of the holding a successful and practical solution. In order to get acquainted in detail with the features of the implementation of the registration of the holding in Switzerland, it is worth reading the article proposed below.

Registration of a group of companies in Switzerland: for whom and why

After a comparative analysis, we can confidently say that such a decision will interest representatives of large businesses. Especially when it comes to working internationally.

Convenience lies in the fact that a citizen of any state can register a holding. All issues can be resolved with the help of an official representative.

The only condition: the presence of a registered legal address. That he will be indicated in all subsequent procedures.

Features of holding organization: types of companies

There are no difficulties, because we are talking only about two possible types of companies. This is a joint stock company and a limited liability company.

Naturally, in the case of a developed company, one should not forget about branches. How much time does it take to resolve all the “paper issues”?

As a rule, from seven to fourteen days. Do not forget that all Swiss businessmen are required to maintain strict financial statements. Reporting once a year also remains mandatory.

Attractiveness of the solution

Если говорить предметно, то практически любая отрасль предпринимательской деятельности остается привлекательной: предлагает ли компания услуги в IT- сфере, планируется ли оказание косметических услуг, быть может, речь идет о машиностроении в точном его формате. 

«Плюсы» регистрации холдинга в Швейцарии:

  • нет сложностей или «подводных камней»;
  • стабильность как в политической, так и экономической сферах;
  • допустимо открыть счет в швейцарском банке (и компания, и финансовый инструмент будут в одной стране);
  • правовая демократичность;
  • гарантия защиты личной и финансовой информации;
  • никаких «сюрпризов» в содержании законов (обо всех планируемых изменениях правительство оповестит заранее);
  • возможность льготного налогообложения.

How are taxes charged to holdings?

According to experts, the taxation system in Switzerland remains one of the most profitable in the world, since taxes are levied at several, but not at the same level, the final rate may slightly change.

Of particular note is the fact that promising companies are offered some reduction in the amount of the mandatory contribution to the state treasury. The government always meets successful entrepreneurs.

Why is it worth registering a holding? The whole secret is that in this case, income tax remains at a minimum level. An additional advantage is the absence of the need to pay funds to the local budget.

Switzerland has signed an important international law with 106 countries, which excludes double taxation.

How to attract investors?

It is noteworthy that the joint-stock company of Switzerland gets an amazing opportunity to trade its shares. These are not only qualified entrepreneurs, but also investors.

Intellectual Property Protection

The country with the most reliable banks is responsible for protecting the intellectual property of its entrepreneurs. The “plus” of holding registration in this context is that this rule applies to all companies included in the composition.

The above were the obvious reasons why, as several years ago and now, many far-sighted entrepreneurs prefer to register a holding company in Switzerland. Reliability and respectability are worth a lot.

If further clarification is required regarding the registration of a group of companies in Switzerland, then Eternity Law International specialists will be happy to рrovide you with assistance in resolving this issue.