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Ready-made company in Poland

Ready-made company in Poland

Ready-made company in Poland with corporate bank account

Eternity Law International is pleased to present to your attention a ready-made company in Poland for sale with corporate bank account opening!

Package price includes the following services:

Ready-made company in Poland

Local director for 1 year

VAT number, EORI number

Corporate account in Millenium bank

* Company registration will take about 4-5 days!

Price: 6500€ (with no VAT service – 6000€)

Advantages of company registration in Poland

Poland currently occupies a leading position in Central and Eastern Europe if considering bilateral trade, GDP growth and a stable economy.

Poland has one of the most optimal levels of taxation in comparison to other EU countries. For example, the income tax rate in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia is 19%, in Germany – 30%, in Hungary – 20.6%.

The authorized capital for the opening of a company is only 5,000 zlotys (about 1,200 euros), which is not obligatory to be deposited in the company’s account for the registration.

According to Polish law, your enterprise established and operated by foreign citizens has exactly the same rights as other business entities in Poland.