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Bulgaria Forex Broker License

Bulgaria Forex Broker License

Bulgaria Forex Broker License

Being a part of the European Union, Bulgaria falls under the regulation of the Financial Supervision Commission, which sets the rules all licensed companies are required to follow. Together with the regulatory advantages of the European Union, Bulgaria claims itself as a desirable market for the Forex brokers and entrepreneurs.

Our company is ready to accompany you in gaining a Bulgarian broker license – one of the most authoritative documents in the financial sphere. We’ll be glad to guide you through all the stages of the registration of a broker license in the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission.

What Opportunities Does Bulgaria Offer?

  • Steady economic growth and the lowest corporate tax in the European Union (around 10%)
  • The absence of restrictions on transferring dividends and profits from your businesses to the other accounts and countries
  • Simple tax system thanks to the low level of average salary in the country creates perfect conditions for the businesses development
  • You are allowed to gain two different types of broker licenses

What Do You Need to Know?

  • Investors in Bulgaria make a smart decision thanks to the country’s location, which allows reaching markets of the European Union as well as the ones in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Tax for individuals and corporations gratifies with the fantastically low 10%; dividend tax comes up to 5%, while VAT is about 20%.

What Documents Are Needed?

As a client, you’ll need to provide:

  1. A copy of your passport, notarized by the accountable person
  2. Utility bills for the past three months
  3. A reference letter with the account statement of the director or the shareholder of the bank
  4. A reference letter from your attorney
  5. A CV from the director or the shareholder
  6. A copy of your certificate about education

Note: All the documents must be translated into English and submitted along with three copies.

Other documents required:

  1. Application to the Bulgaria Securities and Futures Commission
  2. Declarations, ascertained by the statute
  3. Bank Claim forms
  4. Anti Money Laundering System
  5. Well-elaborated Business Plan
  6. Long-term Financial Predictions
  7. AML/CFT Declaration

The whole process consists of eight stages:

  1. Verification Of The Name Availability
  2. Preparation Of The Required Documents
  3. Papers Filling
  4. Meeting The Principal Demands
  5. Passing The Interview With The Moderator
  6. Receiving A License Affirmation
  7. License Reaching
  8. Opening Your Bank Account

Please contact our specialist to get full advise.