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Free ICO tokens

Free ICO tokens


In this section, we present a list of up-to-date bounty-campaigns distributing free tokens for confirming registration on campaign services.

Today a lot of ICO campaigns provide an opportunity to get free tokens of their projects, which in the future can be exchanged for real money. Do not miss your chance to make money.


This way to earn is very simple. There will not be any financial investment. Any user can become a member of bounty-programs if he chooses the project from the list given in our article and fulfills his conditions. In most cases, the registration is fairly clear. However, the service can request confirmation of the number and e-mail.


This list is regularly updated. To earn free tokens, you must visit the official sites of these services, register a new user and perform some simple tasks.

1. Altcoin – You need to register and invite users, use your referral link, then earn a good commission.

2. Aircrypto – register on the site, go through verification, go through tasks and get tokens (subscribe to Facebook, make a tweet, join the group in a telegram, etc.) get referral links, and invite friends, for which we get additional tokens.

3. ARK Airdrop – join to the Telegram group, join Telegrambot and get your referral link, then get an extra ARK. 

4. DX Network – register your email on the site, perform several tasks to earn DX tokens, each job will bring you project tokens. After the public sale of DX Token is over, you will receive an email requesting the Ethereum address to which your tokens will be sent.

5. Castle – allows you to register in Airdrop with confirmation of mail. Next, a list of public pages will open, performing tasks in which you can get the project tokens.

6. Unboxed – offers earning free tokens when solving light tasks related to social networks. To get started, you need to fill out the registration form and go to the mail.

7. Buff – service offers users to register and visit the mailbox. Orders, as always, are connected with social networks.

8. Viuly – you need to register and confirm your e-mail, then to your account will be credited with tokens. Then you can earn additional tokens, inviting new members, as well as performing other tasks of the project.

9. Workcoin – registration is based on data such as a mailbox, MyEtherWallet and the user name in Telegram. When you select it, a link will appear to go to the official Telegram channel. The user will receive a crypto currency when he becomes a subscriber.

10. Ai Crypto – here you need to click on “Join Bounty”. When you finish entering the registration data, you need to prove your e-mail. Further, in the personal account, the user takes easy tasks and earns on performing them. There is a referral program on the service, which opens the possibility to earn more tokens.

11. The Max Factor – when you join the MaxData Airdrop campaign, you will receive tokens after attaching a telegram channel. After joining, you can invite your friends and get more tokens for each joining friend. Tokens will be distributed after the ICO.

12. Owndata – 1 thousand tokens will be credited to a personal account after the user registers on the site. The main thing is not to forget to read the confirmation letter. Also in the left menu, using “Airdrop”, you can choose from the list of instructions from the service, in the performance of which additional bonuses are added.

13. Upcoin – is a fairly young exchange crypto currency. As soon as the user passes the confirmation of the identity and the opening of the auction, the user’s account is promised a charge of 500 tokens. The registration system on this service is a bit more complicated than in the similar ones. It will be necessary to indicate the e-mail address with subsequent confirmation. Further it is necessary to pass the test. Testing is quite simple, answers to many questions can be specified at random. Next, you need to become a subscriber of the service on Twitter and other social networks.

14. DealBox is a simplified form of personalization with the input of an email address. Crypto currency, respectively, is fixed on it.

15. Synthetics AI – it is necessary to register (Sign up), confirm e-mail, follow the link of the letter and receive 500 project tokens, which can be withdrawn after the ICO).

16. Zonto – required to register with the link and confirm the e-mail. Your balance will be credited with 600 tokens, in addition you can earn by inviting new members.

17. Swiftdemand – offers the filling of a simple registration form and the registration of necessary fields in a personal account. You will need to confirm your mobile number and e-mail address. Later, 500 tokens will be added to your personal account. Feature of the service – the ability to receive additional profit every 8 hours in your account.

18. OpenMoney – requires confirmation of the email address of the mailbox. Further the user can earn, becoming the subscriber of pages and conducting active activity in them.

19. Deex – offers to specify MyEtherWallet and register for Bitcointalk to register your nickname in the registration form. Now the user receives electronic money for performing actions in social networks. The more the user spends time working with them, the more tokens will receive, in the end.

20. Gnixcoin – it is necessary to register (Sign up), confirm e-mail, receive free GIX, then the user can earn on his referral link or buy GIX. 

In order to always be aware of fresh offers that open the possibility to accumulate tokens on a free basis just for filling out the registration form on the services, we recommend that you include our article in the bookmarks to always have access to it.

Users can earn a lot and easily with bounty, acting according to the requirements of various trading services. This method is the simplest and most convenient for users from all over the world.

Updated 24 of May 2018