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FinTech. Turnkey payment business organization, full implementation of digital banking, E-money, DLT, SVF, PSP, MSO.

Systematic approach for financial and technical projects

Cooperation with us has a number of advantages, among which are legal support of turnkey financial technology programs in the industry. You are the generator of the idea, and we are the guarantee of its implementation in the legal arena.

A team of experienced professionals is at our disposal to help you obtain licenses for financial or payment transactions. This is an official permit for the functioning of payment organizations, the right to introduce digital currency in European countries and a license permit for offshore banks.

We work on the principle of full support of turnkey financial and technical programs, from the search for a legal basis for registration of an institution, comprehensive legal support, organization of software for a financial institution, and to the official start of the project.

Our services include:

  1. approval of the business scheme of the project, distribution of tax liability;
  2. registration of the organization, opening a bank account;
  3. development of an internal charter and plan;
  4. providing IT solutions;
  5. drawing up documentation for issuing permits;
  6. selection of regional representation and selection of staff;
  7. accounting, coordinating the process of signing an agreement with MasterCard / Visa.

We provide access to ready-made models of a payment institution.

E-money / Small E-money

EMI (Electronic Money Institution) is a settlement organization that has permission to issue its own electronic currency, distribute it and exchange it for fiat currency. The implementation of such an idea should be carried out taking into account all the subtleties of the project, taking into account the features of the services offered.

Having sufficient experience in supporting financial projects, we can offer our clients almost any EU country to register their payment system with.

The necessary constituent fund in the EU is 350 000 €. Registration takes about six months until the right to register.

Payment Institution / API / Small PI

PI (Payment Institution) is a settlement organization that acts as a financial intermediary between a client and a specific financial institution.

This option will be an excellent solution for departments belonging to the housing and communal services, as this is a reliable way to organize the collection and distribution of payments for utilities.

Payment Institution is a good attempt to realize your business idea, going beyond the territory of the Eurozone.

To work in one of the countries, it is recommended to obtain a license on very loyal terms regarding the amount of the authorized capital and the period of receipt. To implement business solutions in other European countries, it is necessary to obtain an extension of the license for SEPA countries.

SVF / MSO Payment Licenses

Hong Kong SVF approval complies with the EMI model in the European Union. This proposal will be of interest to heads of organizations issuing electronic currency. The right to issue digital currency is valid for a period of 5 to 10 years, with subsequent renewal of the license.

MSOL also provides the possibility of currency exchange or financial transfer. Duration of the license – 2 years, with the right to subsequent renewal.

To carry out the registration procedure, you need to provide a document on company registration in Hong Kong and the presence of a representative office with a local registration manager.

Conducting fintech projects covers a full range of legal services: from discussion of legal strategy to official opening.

Licenses of banking enterprises / credit institutions

The importance of such a license is obvious – this is security, the absence of financial restrictions and the prospect of increased profits. Licenses from the Eurozone have a good reputation, although a statutory fund of € 1 million is required to obtain it.

For the establishment of your payment institution, we are ready to provide assistance in opening a financial institution in Europe, as well as in Georgia, Belize, Singapore.

We offer phased support of the fintech project plan: from developing a business scheme to opening a bank.

Offshore Bank License

Obtaining a banking license is possible in any state, but it is better to give preference to those where this process will take less time. Offshore banks are popular due to preferential taxation.

There are three types of offshore banking licenses: international, general and limited.

Our team can offer many design options for an offshore banking company in almost any country.

Support for obtaining the right to register an offshore consists of 6 stages.

  1. Coordination of legal tactics.
  2. Collection of papers for permission.
  3. Supervising the process of formation of the authorized asset and resolving tax issues.
  4. Opening an office and selection of employees at the place of registration of the permit.
  5. Carrying out during the period of international certification and opening flow accounts.
  6. Development of banking software.

The specialists of our company are ready to take on the solution of issues of licensing, development of a business model, employee management, reporting and auditing.