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Corporate services

Corporate services

Corporate services

Corporate services. Today, companies are increasingly registered, where two or more persons are listed as shareholders or founders. Accordingly, this carries certain risks, since no one is safe from conflicts and other life circumstances.

The primary task in specialized companies is to resolve conflicts between participants. Corporate documents are being developed, additional mechanisms are provided in the form of agreements.

The employees of our company will take all the care upon themselves. They will prepare and check all papers, advise clients on issues of jurisdiction.


Any business abroad needs the help of competent specialists. This is provided by our company. We carry out projects of any complexity.

Develop new banking, sort out letters from various structures, return money after blocking an account – we will successfully cope with any task.


Over the past decade, the Internet has tightly entered society. People spend their free time in it, earn money, make purchases. Goods and services are paid through a merchant account.

Merchant account is an excellent solution for businessmen planning to engage in online trading and payment systems.

The main advantages:

  1. control over incoming payments – transactions, checks;
  2. security – the user’s identity is identified without fail;
  3. direct receptions – the visitor can safely use the card;
  4. small commissions;
  5. the possibility of a refund.

Our company has at its disposal a wide network of partner companies in acquiring and payment systems. We will show you the best option, we will select a reliable partner that can maintain a high level business. Our employees take into account all the features of the project, the wishes of the client.


One of the main keys to the successful and safe operation of any foreign enterprise is considered to be well-written documentation.

In most cases, the contracts are full of risks that are invisible at first glance: actions on the territory of several states, the inclusion of outdated legislative acts, the presence of disadvantageous clauses.

Provided that the management uses well-written papers, the activity can be very effective. The employees of our company will cope with the tasks.


The states are united in the fight against offshore, shadow income, malicious tax evaders. Therefore, for the full-fledged work of a company or enterprise abroad, to obtain high incomes, you need to open an office and hire staff.

Without an office, the organization will have problems with banks. No employee will approve a bank account application. You must present evidence, documents, receipts.

However, such measures may adversely affect taxation.

Our qualified staff will help to open an office, hire competent staff. We are focused on the result and want to minimize risks. We work legally, strictly comply with the laws of the countries.

We offer a range of services – creating and choosing a concept, consulting, support, development of documents.


Thanks to us, your company will be able to reach a new level and increase efficiency. You will not have a headache because of technical issues, since we take care of all the problems. We take into account all the nuances and do everything in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Jurisdiction selection factors:

  1. top priorities;
  2. demand for the sphere;
  3. payment method;
  4. details for payments;
  5. attracting investors to implement projects.

Particular attention is required to the financial side of the issue. It is necessary to fulfill many requirements – open a bank account, keep, file accounting and audit records. Unload taxation, advise at all stages of work.


Any company has a bank account. But abroad it is not so easy to do because of certain nuances and changes in legislation.

Banks are taking security measures, because now there is a fight against terrorist organizations around the world. Bank policies have become more complicated. Now we have to go through several stages of verification by KYC and AML, present documents.

To begin with, you should choose an acceptable jurisdiction. Our experts act, taking into account the type of activity, turnovers.


  1. tariff rate;
  2. service to non-residents of the state;
  3. currency;
  4. the presence of online banking.

Most customers choose banks if possible to open an account remotely. We will complete the task.

Opening, restructuring and closing of organizations opened abroad

We are successful due to our vast experience, high quality of services provided. We cooperate with dozens of countries, help businessmen open a business, take it to a new level.

We select jurisdiction, we take into account all the advantages and disadvantages. We act as quickly as possible, we take into account the tax system. We advise and accompany at all stages.

We open companies in Estonia, Cyprus, Malta, Georgia, China, the United States, United Arab Emirates, etc.

We also restructure the functioning enterprises:

  1. change of shareholders and directors, addresses;
  2. change of legal form;
  3. redomycil;
  4. escort.

Sooner or later, companies cease to be profitable and efficient, so managers are forced to announce the closure. We will provide advice on stages, deadlines. We take all obligations from collecting documents to contacting the authorized bodies.

Our company has an extensive network of licensed banks and payment systems. We offer you a reliable organization you can trust. We take into account all the subtleties of the business. Our company is always ready to help your business.