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EU Trust Company package

EU Trust Company package

EU Trust Company package with EBANQ Online Banking Software, Registration as Regulated Trust Management Company, and SWIFT/BIC registration

There are no limitations on the type of assets that can be placed under management by EU Trust Company package.

Assets can include but are not limited to: 

Cash Deposits (No Currency Restrictions) Cryptocurrencies (Exchange and Wallet Services) Stocks Bonds Debentures Mutual Funds Hedge Funds in EU

Any type of Securities Commodities Precious Metals Real Estate Investments in General  Package includes:

  • Company Registration Certificates in Swedish and English  Registration as Fiduciary/Trust Company in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act of 2017 (AML Compliance);
  • AML/KYC (Know Your Client) Compliance Guide and Regulations  Trust Deed Templates for the Creation of Unlimited Trust Accounts  BIC Identifier Code Registered on SWIFT®  EBANQ® Online Banking System   Introduction for VISA/MC White-Label Card Issuing.

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