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Blockchain. Are you looking for how to quickly find a profitable source of financing for an interesting startup? We recommend that you opt for Initial Exchange Offering – IEO.

A distinctive feature is the management of token transactions through a cryptocurrency exchange. All processes are handled by the start-up emitter. Buyers carry out AML / KYC procedures, the sale of produced tokens.

Another characteristic: own accounts are used to accept received investments. In addition, the startup is fully responsible for work and money. Investors will not doubt if they invest in the project.

The list of legal services:

  1. full consultation, support at all stages;
  2. registration of the project structure, registration of the company, data analysis and reduction of possible risks to a minimum;
  3. choice of platform for IEO, negotiations with investors, control of obligations;
  4. drawing up agreements and contracts for IEO;
  5. study of the legal essence of the token, making revisions;
  6. implementation of token issuance;
  7. assistance with the withdrawal of tokens for listing of other IEO cryptocurrency sites;
  8. opening bank accounts and registration of accounts in payment systems.

Contact us. You will understand how the primary exchange offers function.


STO stands for Security Token. This is the category of tokens with the attributes and properties of securities. Often, entrepreneurs identify them, and ownership implies the fulfillment of certain obligations.

Have you developed an interest in Securities Token Offering? Contact us, because we want your success and development. Your tokens will have the same characteristics as securities. The company’s specialists will analyze the technical aspects and offer the best option, taking into account the wishes of the client.

Services provided by STO:

  1. jurisdiction consulting, full project support;
  2. creation of the corporate structure of the project, assistance in choosing a country for registration and registration;
  3. token analysis;
  4. development of documents;
  5. creation of new agreements with investors and project participants;
  6. carrying out an issue;
  7. registration and opening of accounts;
  8. creating a mechanism for receiving cryptocurrency and fiat;
  9. license requests.


ICO (Initial Coin Offering), aka ITO (Initial Token Offering) is a form of fundraising through the issuance and sale of tokens. Consequently, Pre-ICOs are events held before the main stage of the ICO. The main goal is to determine the target audience, to increase interest.

In many countries of the world, ICOs and Pre-ICOs are only valid after obtaining a license agreement. It should also be noted that such activities without permits can lead to risks and negative consequences.

But our company will help to avoid possible mistakes. Our experienced and qualified specialists will study trends and processes, provide a range of services, and reduce risks.


Blockchain is a way of storing and organizing personal data. Information is collected in special blocks, and each of them is equipped with a cipher so that no one can open it, read it.

The field is practically unstudied, but is of great interest. In addition, she is prescribed dizzying prospects, a good future.

The main areas are: the sector of organization of banking institutions and finance, investment in projects, filling out registers, identification systems. However, this is far from all; you can list it indefinitely.

What services are provided in this area:

  1. consulting and a full package of services for supporting various projects: mining, exchangers, funds, various digital products at ICO / ITO / IEO / STO;
  2. systematization of risks, their zeroing;
  3. creation of a corporate structure, registration of an organization in the state selected by the client;
  4. registration of bank accounts, accounts in payment systems;
  5. work on documentation Whitepaper, User Agreement, AML Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Risk Disclosure;
  6. registration of licenses;
  7. issuance of guarantees for the project.


Our experts are sure that the future lies with cryptocurrency, because this is a new word in modern technology. An innovative technique with huge potential provides access to payment systems anywhere in the world. It all depends on devices and speeds, not a bank card.

Today, many people opt for cryptocurrency. Thus, they sell their products, buy goods and services, interact with investors.

But all procedures must be legal. Therefore, if you set a goal to open a fund, exchange or exchange, then contact us. We will provide professional assistance.

Our professionals are savvy enough to tell customers the right choice of office location. We offer only those countries where cryptocurrency is loyal, and this is fixed at the legislative level.

The range of services offered includes:

  1. turnkey project creation, support from start to finish;
    the provision of suitable jurisdiction, registration of the enterprise in the selected state;
    development of the structure taking into account all the wishes of the client;
    preparation of documents;
    a request for a license to conduct business;
    creation of mechanisms for working with cryptocurrency;
    billing in banks, payment systems;

We offer services at the highest level, because our employees are experienced, qualified, competent. We are engaged in turnkey projects from the very beginning: search for jurisdiction, calculation and selection of the optimal tax burden, sending requests, negotiating licenses for full operation.