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Audit. Legal audit of the company – a comprehensive verification of the documentation of a legal entity, conducted within the company. The purpose of such a check is to analyze the various areas of the organization’s organization from a legal point of view. Such events contribute to a number of factors:

  1. reducing risks and losses;
  2. careful analysis of all documentation (both the specified direction, and, in general, business);
  3. identification of vulnerabilities and their decontamination;
  4. hazardous area assessment of risk-prone cases and the determination of the degree of danger;
  5. planning ways to remove unfavorable parts for business development;
  6. developing tips and practical recommendations to improve the functioning of the company.

Planning and implementing a legal audit, a competent servant of the law conducts a comprehensive analysis of a number of issues.

  1. Performs an audit of the organizational activities of the company, structural divisions.
  2. Legal audit of basic documentation necessary for normal business operations of the company. For this purpose, a study of the adopted statute is conduct, and all minutes of meetings are analyze. The papers subject to registration of all aspects of the company in the necessary state institutions are subject to verification. The aspects of certification and licensing permissions are analyzed.
  3. Comprehensive audit of the management of the organization and control of relations in the corporation:
  • the study of the rights and privileges of all owners and participants of the company;
  • verification of the legality and correctness of the design of previously signed documents that
  • contribute to the alienation or acquisition of additional capital (if any);
  • the ratio of the legality of changes in the capital of the organization indicated in the statute;
  • verification of the distribution of the rights of participants in the financial sphere of activity;
  • analysis of the rights of the organizers of the company in the field of control over its employees;
  • the study of the powers of the staff of the company.
  1. Legal audit of the entire organizational operation of the company.
  2. Comprehensive verification of specific areas of the organization.
  3. Analysis of the work of subsidiaries, branches and divisions of the company (if any).
  4. Audit of legality and correctness of registration of contracts and agreements. Among them, the examination from a legal point of view, the lease agreements for buildings used or their parts. All documents that are directly or indirectly related to the company’s business are checked.
  5. Legal audit of documents directly related to personnel:
  • verification of an employment contract;
  • the study of collective agreement between the organization and its employees;
  • contracts signed by managers or founders;
  • employee instructions;
  • other personnel documents.
  1. Thorough control of the organization’s tangible and intangible assets, including checking restrictions, arrests and encumbrance of company property.
  2. Legal audit of internal papers confirming the responsibility for maintaining secrecy and non-disclosure of private data.
  3. The study provided for inspections in the organization: the order of their conduct, the legality of the actions of the managers of the company, the actions of staff at such events.
  4. Verification of internal papers required for keeping records of personal data about employees and counterparties.
  5. Audit of documents on objects of non-material property – intellectual property (logos, signs, marketing products).
  6. Analysis of the software used, which must meet the standards and standards put forward by the state for the operation of the company.
  7. Comprehensive audit of cases and claims considered in court.
  8. The study of all permits, contributing to the formation of ideas about the existing relationship between the company and management authorities.
  9. Carrying out verification of additional documentation and solving other legal problems.

The above questions can be clarifiy. It directly depends on the specific activity of a certain company, the presence or absence of certain documents.

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