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About company

‪The international company Eternity Law International provides professional services in the field of international consulting, auditing services, legal and tax services.

‪Our specialists are professionals in providing the following services in many countries around the world:

  • Registration and planning of international business;
  • ‪International Tax Advisory;
  • ‪Taxation of transactions;
  • ‪Evaluation and business modeling;
  • ‪Corporate taxation;
  • ‪Tax policy and tax dispute resolution;
  • ‪Transfer pricing services;
  • ‪Strategic growth markets;
  • ‪Support of transactions;
  • ‪International consulting services;
  • ‪Transaction advisory services;
  • ‪Advice on restructuring;
  • ‪Asset sale advisory services;
  • ‪Real Estate Consulting Services;
  • ‪Support of mergers and acquisitions;
  • ‪Services for the operational integration of transactions;
  • ‪Increase business efficiency;
  • ‪Management and information technology;
  • ‪Consulting services for financial sector companies;
  • ‪Business Risk Management;
  • ‪Accounting and financial reporting;
  • ‪Services for clean technology and sustainable development;
  • ‪Financial Reporting Advisory Services (FAAS);
  • ‪Investigation of fraud and conflict resolution advice;
  • ‪Audit services;
  • ‪Audit of financial statements;
  • ‪Asset protection;
  • ‪Attorney services;
  • ‪Accompanying the opening of bank accounts and acquiring;
  • ‪Accompanying the receipt of licenses for gambling activities;
  • ‪Support of obtaining licenses for forex activities;
  • ‪Accompanying the receipt of financial licenses;
  • ‪Support of obtaining licenses for cryptocurrencies and ICO;
  • ‪Support of mergers and acquisitions (MNA);
  • ‪Registration of aircraft and watercraft;
  • ‪Providing a virtual office;
  • ‪Receiving trademarks;
  • ‪Design and protection of intellectual property.


  • ‪confidentiality;
  • ‪Data protection;
  • ‪Legality;
  • ‪Individual approach to the client;
  • ‪Perform tasks on time.


  • ‪Help our clients minimize tax liabilities in accessible legal ways;
  • ‪Protect client assets from possible negative consequences;
  • ‪Provide the client with optimal advice based on a thorough study of the legislative basis of the state in order to increase the client’s condition;
  • ‪If necessary, assist the client in the pre-trial or court settlement of a corporate dispute in any jurisdiction;
  • ‪Support of the client’s business at any stage of work.


  • ‪Provide customized solutions based on the specific situation;
  • ‪Offer customers only legally sound and optimal solutions for a specific situation;
  • ‪Warn the client in advance about the possible consequences of the decisions made;
  • ‪Keep customer data confidential;
  • ‪We act strictly in accordance with the rules of attorney ethics;
  • ‪We are constantly improving the knowledge and skills of applying Ukrainian legislation and a number of laws of other countries.


  • ‪The presence of lawyers in our company provides additional guarantees of our professionalism, as well as guarantees of confidentiality, because lawyer secrecy applies to any information that a client conveys about himself or his activities, information in any form is not subject to disclosure to third parties without the client’s consent;
  • ‪Our company has a unique experience and knowledge of the specifics of work in most countries around the world;
  • ‪We develop solutions based on the analysis of legislation and look to the future, studying possible changes in the laws of specific states;
  • ‪Customer safety is most important to us;
  • ‪We value every customer.

‪Experts of Eternity Law International will provide you with expert advice on any matter of interest to you.