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Why Eternity Law International

We offer a wide range of service: Registration and maintenance of companies in any country in the world, including in offshore zones; Preparation of relevant documents (charter, foundation agreement, power of attorney, etc.); Secretarial company services; Provision of a registration (legal) address; Provision of professional nominee services - a shareholder, director, partner; Notarial and apostilled assurance of the package of documents of the company; Accounting, preparation of financial statements, audit and submission of reports to the tax authority; Obtaining certificates of Good Standing, Incumbency, Tax residence, etc .; and much more.

Bank accounts, merchant accounts opening

Eternity Law International has been cooperating with more than 120 banks all over the world for a long time. We can open an account for you in many banks, even without a personal visit to the bank (without going to […]

Obtaining of license

Obtaining of licenses for gaming activities in offshore and onshore zones, getting  forex licenses in offshore and onshore zones, acquisition of financial licenses, registering online casinos, registering companies in jurisdictions without requiring the licensing of related activities.

Offshore company registration

Registration or purchase of shelf companies in more than 100 low-tax jurisdictions, services of nominal service, virtual office, accounting services and audit of companies.

International courts

Protection of clients’ interests in international courts of any country: International commercial arbitration, Ad hoc, pre-trial settlement of disputes, negotiation, development of a defense strategy in courts, protection of clients’ interests in courts, enforcement of court decisions in different countries.

About the company

Eternity Law International has more than 200 companies under service. Annually more than 30 licenses of varying complexity are received. More than 100 bank accounts are opened.  The company’s specialists have been engaged in international tax planning, registration of international […]

Eternity Law International Services

We will help you to choose a virtual office in more than 100 countries around the world, to comply with the requirements of the legislation while passing an accounting report and filing a mandatory audit of companies.

The team of our lawyers will help you to solve your problems in any country in which your interests are present. Assistance is provided during the pre-trial settlement of disputes, courts of any jurisdictions, as well as assistance in the […]

Our specialists have diverse and rich experience that will help you to find the best jurisdiction for your business conducting.

Our team will help you to comply with all the requirements of bank and payment regulators to connect merchant account and payment system to your site and bank account to provide the maximum list of payment solutions to your customers.

Due to the constant tightening of banking systems in various countries, our team constantly has to find new approaches and banks for cooperation and meeting the needs of our customers.

Our specialists are present in the countries where companies are registered – we register the company corresponding to the requests of the client and register company in the optimal terms.

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